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6 Questions to Ask Your 401(k) Advisor to Know What Kind You Have

Being registered to sell investments does not mean that you know anything about a 401(k) other than it has investments. Some advisors to plans are investment generalists and not 401(k) savvy. The few advisors that focus on 401(k)s primarily focus … Continue reading

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401k Fiduciary (ERISA Fiduciary)- Rational Robot or Human

                     As a 401(k) fiduciary (ERISA fiduciary) aka plan sponsor, your day job (CEO, CFO, HR) is increasing your firm’s bottom line. It is not learning the ins and outs of the laws … Continue reading

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Cash balance plans for retirement planning

Many retirement advisors recommend that you save at least 10% for your future retirement. I believe that you should have a retirement planning professional calculate your number. After that exercise, you may find that you need to engineer a savings … Continue reading

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Assets under management or participants on track to retire- What matters to the DOL?

      or      I worked for years on the manufacturer’s side of the fence in the auto industry. I never understood why so many manufacturers wanted to tout we’re number one. Do sales figures equate to safest or highest quality … Continue reading

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Are You A Business Owner And Need To Catch-Up On Your Retirement Savings? Here’s A Way

One of the benefits of being the business owner is that you get to decide what kind of retirement plan to offer. If you’re like most business owners in the early years you are doing all that you can to … Continue reading

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