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Stop: You May be Guilty of Excessive Plans Fees

Marc I. Machiz, Director of the Philadelphia Region of the Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration (DOL EBSA ) indicated plans to focus on fees during audits. Machiz stated that he expects the investigations will attempt to determine who … Continue reading

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How to Have a 401k Your Employees will Love and litigators will hate

         401k Savings or Retirement Income Security Act Plan? The purpose of a 401k or 403b established in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act is retirement income security. The median retirement account balance for all working-age households is just $3,000, … Continue reading

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15 Warning Signs That Your 401k Plan is at Risk

You don’t know how many employees participating in the 401(k) are on track to retire The purpose of a retirement plan is to help employees retire. Do you track who is on track? If no employee is on track, what … Continue reading

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401k Review- Do your 401k providers help manage your risk or increase it?

      Let’s face it we all hate regulation, especially when it means more work in areas that we aren’t expert in. Recently I talked with a general practitioner physician about her 401(k) plan. She first explained that she already had … Continue reading

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Avoiding a 401k fiduciary breach- An independent fiduciary might save your assets

                                                                DOL investigator                                    Plan sponsor flanked by independent fiduciary Do you know the ERISA rules and 401k rules? “When a 401k plan gets in big trouble, the DOL removes the company’s fiduciaries and appoints a professional, independent fiduciary. An … Continue reading

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Assets under management or participants on track to retire- What matters to the DOL?

      or      I worked for years on the manufacturer’s side of the fence in the auto industry. I never understood why so many manufacturers wanted to tout we’re number one. Do sales figures equate to safest or highest quality … Continue reading

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