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6 Questions to Ask Your 401(k) Advisor to Know What Kind You Have

Being registered to sell investments does not mean that you know anything about a 401(k) other than it has investments. Some advisors to plans are investment generalists and not 401(k) savvy. The few advisors that focus on 401(k)s primarily focus … Continue reading

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401k review-Are you paying for an audit that you don’t need?

    Many employers and their designees take their cues on what they need to do from the providers that they select. While the law expects that you would go through a due diligence vendor selection process, many firms simply select … Continue reading

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401k reviews and fast food menus

When we go to McDonald’s, most of us don’t expect to get healthy food. McDonalds serves kids and adults. We go there because it is quick, convenient and offers a fun experience for those of us with kids. McDonald’s does … Continue reading

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