Educating Participants

Developing an Effective Participant Education Program

How well are your employees prepared for retirement? In most cases, retirement plan participants need help understanding the strategies needed to accumulate adequate retirement benefits.

Are Your Employees On Track

We believe in a customized education program to maximize the plan benefit for everyone. To do this, we need to:

  1. Assess participant needs to develop a customized education program.
  2. Track results to improve the program.

Our process includes creating a financial strategy for retirement based on a gap analysis and educating participants on options for closing the gap. We’ll set up a program that educates participants on retirement income planning and includes one-on-one guidance.

Plan Hero

We use tools from companies such as SmartPlan, Investment Horizons and Boulevard R.

These tools not only help your participants get on track but also help you document your efforts to comply with Department of Labor education standards.

The Advanced Investor Series™ walks you through a process to help you understand what you’re required to provide to plan participants. It also helps us understand your company’s unique needs and evaluate your participants’ understanding of the plan benefits. We’ll help you structure an education program that empowers your employees to take control of their retirement.

Move onto the Monitor section to learn about our Plan Sponsor Services and how we can help you address your responsibilities.


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